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Support by The Avax Foundation

Kimbo recently received a nod of recognition from The AVAX Foundation, securing a spot in their prestigious Culture Catalyst Fund. This acknowledgment further solidifies Kimbo’s position as a project with immense potential to shape the future of decentralized finance and culture on the Avalanche network.

The Foundation is dedicated to helping foster a more diverse Avalanche ecosystem through Culture Catalyst and its many other efforts. These efforts aim to strengthen the Avalanche ecosystem.

In late 2023, the Avalanche Foundation announced its intention to acquire community coins native to the Avalanche blockchain network. This ongoing effort falls under the Foundation’s broader Culture Catalyst program, which seeks to foster Web3 creators, inspire innovation on Avalanche, and help drive greater blockchain adoption.

Community coins have become vital Web3 touchstones today. They represent the fun, spirit, uniqueness, and interests of diverse crypto communities. The Avalanche Foundation aims to recognize these qualities and support these communities.

Today, the Avalanche Foundation announces its first five community coin holdings. Moreover, the Foundation is also announcing its intention to update the community on these holdings, providing transparency through regular disclosures.

Each community coin held by the Foundation meets the Foundation’s established eligibility guidelines for community coin projects. These criteria help to establish a particular coin’s commitment to Avalanche and fair Web3 practices.


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