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Kimbo participant in Memecoin Rush

The Avalanche Foundation (the “Foundation”) has launched phase one of Memecoin Rush, a $1M liquidity mining incentive program that begins now and will have several phases. In the same tradition as the Foundation’s successful past incentive programs, Memecoin Rush is designed to help scale liquidity and drive momentum, only this time for the community coin ecosystem on Avalanche. 

The first phase of Memecoin Rush launches with SteakHut and Trader Joe, with additional participants to be announced in the coming weeks. To start, these two Avalanche-native projects will incentivize trading and add liquidity strategies for select community tokens.

$KIMBO Staking on TraderJoe

We are also happy to announce that TraderJoe launches incentives with single-sided, time-locked staking vaults for $KIMBO. Users can earn points for staking into pools and track points for each pool via a leaderboard. Read here everything you need to know.


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