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Kimbo Thread: Dog wif subnet

We figured it is time for a thread for our fellow Kimbros! We will outline the current status of Kimbonet and why Kimbonet is such a big deal for $KIMBO, $AVAX and the wider crypto space!

Kimbonet status update

#Kimbonet development is in full swing behind the scenes. Between #AVAX Teleporter bridge audits and the Dapps being developed both for the hackathon and by other parties, there is a lot going on!

These things take time, but as you may already know the deadline for our #hackathon Dapp submission is on the 31st of may and not long after that we will migrate testnet, go live with our contestants and give you the opportunity to try all of them and vote for your favourite! However as we grow non-stop, some of you may not yet be aware of how big of a deal Kimbonet as a subnet on #Avalanche is.

The Revolutionary Impact of Subnets on the Avalanche network

In line with @avax‘s mission to innovate and solve problems, the #Avalanche network has introduced a groundbreaking feature known as subnets. These subnets represent a significant leap forward in blockchain scalability, customizability, and efficiency. But what makes them such a big deal? And what does it mean for $KIMBO? Let’s deep-dive.

Customization and Independence

Subnets on #Avalanche are essentially sovereign blockchains within the larger Avalanche ecosystem. They allow developers to create networks that operate under their own set of rules, independent of the Avalanche primary network. This means that each subnet can have its own token economics, governance models, and even unique virtual machines tailored to specific use cases.

For Kimbonet this naturally means that the main currency will be $KIMBO, and that $KIMBO will be used as the gas and staking token and therefore to reward validators. It will also be the main currency within Dapps active on Kimbonet. Naturally, this will create both demand and a real-world use case for our token.

Scalability and Performance Isolation

One of the most pressing issues in blockchain technology is scalability. Avalanche's subnets address this by allowing each subnet to scale independently. The performance of one subnet does not impact the others, ensuring that high traffic on one network doesn't slow down the rest of the ecosystem. This isolation is crucial for maintaining high throughput and low latency across diverse applications.

As a result, - although the Avalanche network is lightning fast - Kimbonet’s performance will be independent of any congestion on the wider #Avalanche ecosystem.

Interoperability and Communication

Avalanche subnets are not isolated islands; they can communicate with each other through native cross-subnet communication protocols. This interoperability is a game-changer, allowing for seamless asset and data transfer across different networks within the Avalanche ecosystem.

This means that it will be possible to bridge tokens and information between #Kimbonet, other subnets and #Avalanche C-Chain.


Subnets on Avalanche are more than just a feature; they are a revolution in blockchain architecture. They offer the flexibility, scalability, and compliance needed to drive blockchain adoption across various industries. As the technology matures, we can expect subnets to play a crucial role in the future of decentralized applications and services.

$KIMBO, with our own subnet #Kimbonet is ready for the future. We like to have fun but we are not just a meme, we are here to stay and bring real world value and entertainment to #avax and the wider crypto space for years to come. Stay tuned for some exciting updates over the next weeks and months!


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