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Meet The Kimbros NFTs & 6942 Club

Kimbo recently launched two special NFT collections. A 6942 OG Club Key and a unique art collection called The Kimbros. Thanks to the collaboration with Joepegs, a leading platform for minting and trading NFTs, enthusiasts from all corners of the globe can easily explore the collection and mint their favorite Kimbro NFTs and 6942 Club directly.

The Kimbros

The second collection called ‘The Kimbros’ isn’t just about NFTs; it’s about fostering a vibrant, innovative community built on principles of collaboration and sustainability. It is Kimbo’s unique PFP collection. 

Kimbo 6942 OG Club

The 6942 Club represents $KIMBO’s top holders and has the objective to allow them direct, early and/or exclusive access to any community’s project. (whitelists, subnet access, airdrops and more).


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