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Breaking: Kimbonet Testnet Release

Central to Kimbo’s vision is its own subnet on Avalanche, aptly named Kimbonet. This dedicated space serves as a playground for creators, dreamers, and developers alike, offering a fertile ground for the cultivation of groundbreaking projects. Whether it’s NFTs, decentralized exchanges, or web3 games, Kimbonet welcomes all who dare to dream big.

We understand that Kimbo may not be the most advanced token ever but it does have something that others don’t: soul, community, and culture. These 3 things have driven other tokens with similar lacking utilities to the top 10 coins of the entire cryptocurrency map.

What makes building on Kimbonet particularly enticing is the unwavering support of every Kimbo tokens and NFT holders. With their collective power and passion, they provide a strong foundation for projects to thrive and flourish, ensuring that innovation knows no bounds within the Kimbonet ecosystem.

Join our Hackathon

The Kimbonet Hackathon is an exciting event for builders to create innovative dApps on the test-net with a prize pool: 30,000,000 $KIMBO. Apply here!

All successful dApps launched on the testnet will receive $300 of $KIMBO 🐶🔺. The top 3 winners, as judged by the community (25% vote) and a panel of judges, will share the remaining prize pool.

Final dApp must be submitted on 5/20 by 4:20pm EST. Winners will be announced within a week depending on volume of submissions


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