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Kimbo 'Moon Mission' Trailer Release

We’ve already achieved a lot in the first 3 months but in fact, Kimbo is just getting started. Next in line is our special ‘Moon Mission’ community-growth campaign! Through heavy social media marketing on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube with Ads, Kimbo is making sure everyone knows about the buzz surrounding this special campaign. With the help of our super talented, in house, 3D animation artist, Angelo!

But that’s not all — the ‘Moon Mission’ is also forging new (strategic) partnerships and getting listed on more cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX-listings). That’s right, we said it; Kimbo is going to get listed on several exchanges! Getting listed on exchanges allows us to connect with many new people who would love to join our community and that is something we all love, right?!

The ultimate goal? To have more people holding Kimbo and to make the incredible Kimbro community even stronger. With everyone on board, there’s no limit to where this ‘Moon Mission’ can take us! So, if you’re ready to join the adventure and be part of something amazing, keep an eye out for Kimbo and get ready to blast off to the moon!


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