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Exciting Times Ahead for Kimbo! 🐶🔺

Hey Kimbros! We know the recent downtrend in Avalanche has been tough, but here’s why you should keep the faith: Kimbo is here to stay and thrive! With a rock-solid team and an ever-growing number of holders, Kimbo is poised to become a top dog in the crypto world. Here's a sneak peek at what we're working on to make Kimbo even more amazing.

Kimbo Labs is Official!

That’s right, Kimbo now has its own business entity. This means we can start partnering with real-world businesses! We’re in talks with investors and distributors to launch Kimbo products through our own webshop. Running like a real business will add more value to our project and treasury.

Exchange Listings

Having our business entity is crucial for getting listed on exchanges. Now that it’s finalized, we’re gearing up for deep discussions with several potential exchanges. We’re waiting for better market conditions and more hype around AVAX, but we’re ready to roll when the time is right.

Payment Ads

Our first test-ads on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are live! With the help of Novicom Marketing Group, we’re targeting new audiences to join the Kimbo community. We’ll share the insights, results, and achievements soon! When this process is fully up-and-running we are going to add influencer marketing campaigns as well. 

Social Engagement

In addition to paid ads, we’re creating loads of organic content. Angelo, our creative genius, is working on a fun and engaging video concept. Stay tuned for some great new bullish video content! We’ve hired a cartoony meme artist to create amazing memes daily. This approach is boosting our social media engagement. Download and share our new HQ memes from our website.

New Meme Contest

Kimbo is launching a BIG new meme contest soon and you definitely don’t want to miss out. This is your chance to showcase your creativity, have some fun, and win cool prizes! We’re talking about exclusive Kimbo merch, AVAX rewards, and even some special surprises for the top memes.

Event/Festival Marketing

We’re planning to join several festivals in Q3 and Q4 2024. We’re creating a Kimbo mascot and a cool promo team to spread the word about Kimbo and onboard more people into Avalanche. We’re also excited to pre-announce that we’ll be part of the AVAX Summit in Buenos Aires in October 2024!


Our team is developing some exciting features for Kimbonet. Stay tuned for a big update soon! If you’re a top holder with knowledge about subnets and validation processes, or if you have a great idea for Kimbonet, please contact us! We understand that Kimbo may not be the most advanced token ever but it does have something that others don’t: soul, a BIG community, and culture.


Great news for NFT holders! Soon, you’ll be able to stake your Kimbros NFTs for cool benefits. We’re also in talks with several new projects to offer our holders cool perks. If you haven’t bought an official KimbroNFT yet, grab one on the secondary market for 1.25 AVAX and join the true Kimbro community.

In Short:

- We’re exploring running a real-world business to add more value to Kimbo.

- We’re growing our community with cool online and offline marketing activities.

- We’re planning special promotions at events, expos, and festivals worldwide.

- Kimbonet development is ongoing, with more info coming soon.

We’re here, growing, and building on Avalanche! Thanks to all our amazing Kimbros for your support. Our time to shine is coming, and we can’t wait to reach new milestones together!

Stay awesome, Kimbros! 🐶🔺

The Kimbo Team


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