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KimboSwap makes swapping a breeze.

Imagine you're holding a bunch of coins on different chains, like USDT in your ETH wallet, KIMBO and AVAX in another, and maybe some MYRO on Solana in yet another. Now, picture a magical bot named KimboSwap living inside your phone, specifically in your Telegram app. With just a few taps, KimboSwap lets you effortlessly move your assets between these pockets, instantly swapping SOL to AVAX and vice versa, all without leaving your comfy Telegram chat.

It's like having a super-fast teleporter for your digital money, making swapping between different crypto networks as easy as sending a text message. Cool, right?

You can now use KimboSwap and experience the easiest way of swapping on Telegram. KimboSwap makes swapping a breeze. Just fire up the bot, specify your desired currencies and amounts, and voila! Your swap is done in a matter of moments. Say goodbye to complicated exchanges and hello to seamless transactions with KimboSwap Bot!

Note; We’ve noticed already that there are KimboSwap copies, do NOT interact with links/groups/accounts that er NOT aligned with our official TG. We use one handle (@KimboAvax) for everything, so KimboSwap does NOT have own handles/websites etc. Always double check and only click on links from our official accounts or website.

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How it works?

It's Easy!

Here's how to use KimboSwap in simple steps:

  • Go to our official Telegram Page to avoid scams.

  • Find our KimboSwap channel and click on the 'Start' button.

  • Click 'Create New Order'.

  • Choose the blockchain and token you want to use and send.

  • Type in the amount of tokens you want to send.

  • Select the blockchain and token you want to receive.

  • Enter the receiving wallet address.

  • Create the order.

You've now successfully create an order! The last thing you have to do is;

  • Send the tokens to the provided wallet address (you can see this wallet address in the overview of your order).

  • Track your order on using your unique Order-ID.

  • Follow the automated order updates in the Telegram Bot.

Congrats, your Swap is now complete!

For any questions, contact our support team on Telegram.

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