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Welcome Kimbro!

On December 17, 2023, a new star emerged in the cryptocurrency galaxy — $KIMBO! Built on the Avalanche blockchain, Kimbo isn’t just another memecoin; it’s a movement driven by a vibrant community known as the Kimbros.

Kimbo isn't just another token; it's a powerhouse with an incredibly dynamic community, led by the elite AVAX pioneers. It's clear as day: Kimbo is quickly becoming a leader and fantastic community in the crypto world.


Kimbo is a flagship for culture and meme on Avalanche. This is the part of a larger plan to further embolden the creator culture on AVAX as Kimbo continues to further integrate in the ecosystem at large.


Fast-growing, community-driven, and built on Avalanche.

Be part of the memecoin revolution that's sweeping the crypto world.



Our amazing Kimbro family is growing fast!

The Kimbo community is at the heart of our journey towards establishing Kimbo as a blue-chip coin on the AVAX network. Day and night, our dedicated members are tirelessly working to achieve significant milestones, propelling us forward with unwavering commitment and collaborative effort. 

As we build this cornerstone on Avalanche , our incredible Kimbo community (called Kimbro’s) stands to reap the rewards of their loyalty and advocacy. By holding Kimbo and championing our vision, they not only contribute to our collective success but also position themselves to benefit from the burgeoning opportunities within our thriving ecosystem.

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Kimbo proudly presents


In the ever-evolving landscape of NFTs, adaptability and innovation are essential for the sustained success of any project. With THE KIMBROS collection, we’re not just launching another set of digital assets; we’re exploring a new approach that prioritizes community engagement, utility, and long-term value.

In collaboration with MadLabz, the creative minds behind MadSkullz, and their exceptionally talented art director Risa, we’ve crafted a collection that seamlessly blends fun and eccentricity, embodying the spirit of our community.

photo_2024-01-29 00.04.29
photo_2024-01-29 00.04.26
photo_2024-01-29 00.04.16
photo_2024-01-29 00.04.20

The AVAX Foundation has officially announced their support for $KIMBO through the Culture Catalyst Fund.




Kimbo Merchandise

With $KIMBO, you can now purchase high quality Kimbo clothes, how cool is that?! This dog is literally putting clothes on your back. Thank you NFTreasure for putting together this beautiful collection for all the Kimbros!


We love our Kimbros.
Are you ready to become one?!

Being a true Kimbro is about embodying the spirit of the $KIMBO community and contributing positively to its growth and success. Your efforts to educate, engage, and promote the project can significantly impact its recognition and adoption within the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem.

At its core, Kimbo is more than just a memecoin; it’s a catalyst for change, a beacon of community-driven innovation in the vast expanse of the cryptocurrency landscape. As the Kimbros continue to rally behind their beloved project, the future looks brighter than ever for Kimbo and its growing ecosystem on Avalanche.

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