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Kimbo, the next

blue-chip in red coat.

$KIMBO isn't just another token; it's a powerhouse with an incredibly dynamic community, led by the elite AVAX pioneers. It's clear as day: $KIMBO is on the fast track to becoming the absolute number 1 topdog in the crypto space.


$KIMBO is going to be a flagship for culture and meme on #AVAX. This is the part of a larger plan to further embolden the creator culture on $AVAX as $KIMBO continues to further integrate in the ecosystem at large.


Join the ever-growing Kimbro family

The $KIMBO community is at the heart of our journey towards establishing $KIMBO as a blue-chip coin on the AVAX network. Day and night, our dedicated members are tirelessly working to achieve significant milestones, propelling us forward with unwavering commitment and collaborative effort. 

As we build this cornerstone on #AVAX , our incredible $KIMBO community (called Kimbro’s) stands to reap the rewards of their loyalty and advocacy. By holding $KIMBO and championing our vision, they not only contribute to our collective success but also position themselves to benefit from the burgeoning opportunities within our thriving ecosystem.

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Latest $KIMBO News

With operations running around the clock, the $KIMBO community is committed to pushing boundaries and unlocking new possibilities on the Avalanche blockchain. Check the latest news about $KIMBO here and spread the good word.


Published 16-04-2024

Official 'Moon Mission' Video Trailer Release

This is one of the most bullish trailers ever published in the entire crypto space! With everyone on board, there's no limit to where this 'Moon Mission' can take us! So, if you're ready to join the adventure and be part of something amazing, keep an eye out for $KIMBO and get ready to blast off to the moon!


Published 21-03-2024

The Avalanche Foundation Announces Memecoin Rush including $KIMBO.

The Avalanche Foundation (the “Foundation”) has launched phase one of Memecoin Rush, a $1M liquidity mining incentive program that begins now and will have several phases. In the same tradition as the Foundation’s successful past incentive programs, Memecoin Rush is designed to help scale liquidity and drive momentum, only this time for the community coin ecosystem on Avalanche. 


Published 17-03-2024

The official mint-date for the KIMBROS

collection is released.

Kimbros embody the very essence of Kimbo’s Community, giving life and personality to our vision. These charming characters aren't just cute faces – they're vital to the Kimboverse, offering utility and serving as the foundation for community tools.


Fast-growing, community-driven, and built on #AVAX.

Be part of the memecoin revolution that's sweeping the crypto world.

Kimbonet Testnet = LIVE


Update 20-03-2024 - We are very proud to announce that Kimbonet Testnet is now LIVE! Kimbonet is an EVM blockchain running as an Avalanche Subnet on Fuji (Avax test network)

Our mission with KIMBO is to facilitate a longstanding culture that will bring in holders, dreamers, and builders. With those 3 types of users, an entire landscape of KIMBO based products can be built.


Ultimately though, we are laying the foundation and ground work for YOU to participate in whatever capacity. Whether it be NFT’s, decentralized exchanges, or even web3 games.


Kimbonet Hackathon

The Kimbo Community will organize a hackathon with a 30,000,000 $KIMBO (~$25,000) prize pool. If you want to participate, join the Kimbonet Builders Discord so you can get airdropped $KIMBO testnet tokens to bridge to Kimbonet and start building.

“$KIMBO is going to KIMBONET? Doesn’t that limit its growth and fracture its liquidity? Who would build on a meme chain? Who wants to use KIMBO for GAS!?


The AVAX Foundation has officially announced their support for $KIMBO through the Culture Catalyst Fund.

Kimbro's NFTs

Kimbo proudly presents


In the ever-evolving landscape of NFTs, adaptability and innovation are essential for the sustained success of any project. With THE KIMBROS collection, we’re not just launching another set of digital assets; we’re exploring a new approach that prioritizes community engagement, utility, and long-term value.

In collaboration with MadLabz, the creative minds behind MadSkullz, and their exceptionally talented art director Risa, we’ve crafted a collection that seamlessly blends fun and eccentricity, embodying the spirit of our community.

photo_2024-01-29 00.04.29
photo_2024-01-29 00.04.26
photo_2024-01-29 00.04.16
photo_2024-01-29 00.04.20

Kimbo Merchandise

With $KIMBO, you can now purchase high quality Kimbo clothes, how cool is that?! This dog is literally putting clothes on your back. Thank you NFTreasure for putting together this beautiful collection for all the Kimbros!


We love our Kimbro's.
Are you ready to become one?!

Being a true Kimbro is about embodying the spirit of the $KIMBO community and contributing positively to its growth and success. Your efforts to educate, engage, and promote the project can significantly impact its recognition and adoption within the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Why you should buy $KIMBO?

The founders of $KIMBO have set a commendable standard in the crypto world and the #AVAX space in particular and by taking zero team allocation, renouncing the contract, and sending the initial Liquidity Pool (LP) to a burn address, they've shown a high level of commitment to the project's integrity and longevity. This approach instills trust and confidence among investors and community members, indicating that $KIMBO is not just another fleeting project but a serious endeavor with long-term aspirations.

We are proud to share that the Avalanche Foundation has officially announced their support for $KIMBO through the Culture Catalyst FundWith all the right elements, $KIMBO is on track to become a dominant force in the crypto sphere.


In essence, $KIMBO contributes significantly to the culture and community of the Avalanche network. It brings a fresh, engaging perspective to the network, enhancing user interaction, driving innovation, and fostering growth. As $KIMBO continues to grow, it not only enriches its own community but also strengthens and diversifies the entire Avalanche ecosystem.

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